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41, Triq Guze Ellul, Pieta (GMangia) PTA1030, , Pieta, PTA1030


ACE Block Solutions –  We specialise in the administration and management of both apartment condominiums and also garage condominiums.

Our mission is to assure a peace of mind to our clients by providing customised services for the common areas of such blocks. We vision to enhance communal space for better living and utmost leisure.


Our working method

The first step to begin our work is by setting up a general meeting were ideally all the units within the block attend, and a two-thirds majority voting is held for us to be appointed as the official administrators of the block. In this way we will be able to get to know better and in more depth the needs of the common domain and also personal developments as well as future projects.

Together we can draw up and formulate rules for each personnel making use of the block to look up to and follow.

Once a handover is given and access is granted to us, we can start with the registration of the condominium with the legal authorities from our end and start fulfilling more of our duties.

Responsibilities & Duties

Conducting an AGM & publishing the discussion in the form of minutes

Assuring that all registrations abide by the law (initial registration)

Collection of fees

Regular maintenance & ensuring a handyman service is available

Setting up a regular cleaning service

Creating an instant messaging application for easier communication

Keeping an updated database of all present members

Hanging a notice board & maintaining it updated

Insurance for the block domain

Presenting the block in legal or administrative issues relating the common parts

Following up and taking necessary actions related to the works carried out

Publishing all transactions to ensure transparency at the AGM or upon request

▪ Opening a bank account in name of the block

▪ Payments to suppliers

▪ Keeping receipts, preparing invoices, providing statement ▪ Prepare a year to year budget


Planning Ahead

Striving to have the common areas up to high standards as much possible is our first priority.

We are open to discussions for projects to be conducted within the communal property. Upon a request for a project, we will be responsible to gather quotations that will be later on discussed thoroughly and approved by a two-thirds majority.

Examples of projects are – plastering, improving and decorating internal areas, installing CCTV system, installing new Letter Boxes etc.



Condominium Services

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