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DTE Mechanical & Electrical Services
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DTE Mechanical & Electrical Services

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About DTE Mechanical & Electrical Services

We are pedantic in our efforts to keep our team of certified electricians up to date with new and upcoming technologies. In an industry where change comes at breakneck speed, we are constantly updating and adding to the vast knowledge base that we already have accrued over the years.

Be it an addition to an existing electrical system or a completely new installation, we have the capability and expertise to design, install and certify both small and large installations.

Our electrical team works on some of the largest electrical installations on the island on a daily basis, and through our preventive maintenance schemes, which are individually designed for each client, we strive to add substantial value to clients by maintaining their assets in a cost-effective manner and extending their usable lifetime.

A wealth of technical knowledge facilitates efficient fault-finding and quick resolutions. This makes our team ideal for clients with pre-existing installations which have seen little, if any, maintenance prior to our engagement.


Electrical works

Emergency Electrician Service
Wire an Apartment
Move a Socket
Wire a Room
Wire a Garage
Install Earth Electrode
Electric Cookers
Electric Heater Repair
Electrical Under Floor Heating Repair
Wire a Whole Block
Connect Kitchen Appliances
Electrical Fault Detection
Install Bathroom Heater
Connect Room Lights
Replace Broken Electrical Sockets
Connect a Circuit Breaker
EV Plug
Emergency lighting Installation
Distribution replacement
3 Phase
Network Installations



Mechanical & Electrical Services

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