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A. Falzon Energy Projects- Heat Pumps & Generators
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A. Falzon Energy Projects- Heat Pumps & Generators

89 Triq il-Kanun, Santa Venera, Malta, , Santa Venera, SVR 9035

About A. Falzon Energy Projects- Heat Pumps & Generators

A. Falzon Energy Projects, your trusted partner for top-tier heat pumps and generators in Malta. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, we specialize in providing reliable solutions for hot water production, hot air blowing, dehumidification, energy recovery, and powerful generator options tailored to the unique needs of Malta. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart as the go-to source for your heating and power needs in Malta.

Experience the Benefits of Heat Pumps in Malta:

At A. Falzon Energy Projects, we understand the importance of reliable hot water production and energy-efficient solutions for the Maltese climate. Our heat pumps serve as versatile devices that can meet a range of your needs, from providing hot water to functioning as a hot air blower, dehumidifier, or energy recovery system. We are proud to offer the innovative MAXA Heat Pump, which not only ensures exceptional performance but also qualifies for government grants in Malta. Experience superior energy efficiency and cost savings with our state-of-the-art heat pumps.

Unmatched Generator Solutions for Malta:

Whether you require power for your home electronics or are tackling high-powered industrial projects in Malta, A. Falzon Energy Projects has you covered. We offer a diverse selection of generators that cater to both portable and industrial needs in Malta. Our generators are renowned for their reliability and performance, ensuring that you have a consistent and powerful source of energy in Malta. We proudly feature trusted brands such as Maxa, Riello, Kohler, and ELP to guarantee top-tier quality.

Our Legacy of Excellence in Malta:

Established in 1993 by director Anthony Falzon, Energy Projects has been a pioneer in introducing innovative energy solutions to Malta. We have a long-standing reputation for delivering outstanding service and building strong customer relationships in Malta. Our commitment to excellence is further exemplified by our director’s visits to international fairs across Europe to bring cutting-edge products to Malta and establish partnerships with esteemed companies such as Riello, Watts, Saer, Maincor, Ferroli, Kohler, and many others.

Our Vision: Savings, Quality, and Innovation:

At A. Falzon Energy Projects in Malta, our vision is clear: to provide domestic and industrial customers in Malta with the finest products, services, and prices in the market while promoting energy efficiency and cost savings. We are dedicated to keeping our product range up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and efficiency standards, ensuring that our offerings are at the forefront of technology and efficiency in Malta.

Adaptable Solutions for the Maltese Islands:

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Maltese Islands, we prioritize offering flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs in Malta. Our diverse clientele in Malta spans various sectors, reflecting our ability to provide adaptable services that cater to the distinct requirements of our clients in Malta.

Contact A. Falzon Energy Projects Today:

Whether you’re seeking reliable heat pumps for efficient hot water production or powerful generators for your energy needs in Malta, A. Falzon Energy Projects is your dependable partner. Our comprehensive product range, unwavering commitment to excellence, and partnerships with leading brands make us the ideal choice for all your heating and power requirements


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